Jonathan Yonkers

Role: Photographer / Filmmaker 

Hi, I am Jonathan Yonkers. I am a husband, a father, a surfer and the person in charge of this team of destination wedding photographers and filmmakers in Costa Rica. All the services we offer are the fruit of our work together as a team.

In my personal life I love being neck deep in the woods doing reckless things. At work I get to see and be a part of some of the greatest moments in my clients lives. This is something for which I have profound appreciation. I can truly say that my work is an absolute honor.

Mauricio Keptah

Role: Photographer / Filmmaker 

If our team was an army, Mauricio would definitely be a navy seal. His focus, talent and vision only match his discipline, courage and an amazing ability to remain cool under pressure. Mauricio is arguably one of the best pound for pound photographers in Costa Rica and an absolutely pleasure to work with.

Ernesto Zuñiga

Role: Photographer / Filmmaker 

Ernesto is my brother from the same mother. He is the one who is always making us laugh and the one we miss the most when he is not with us out on the field.

Ernesto's super power is loyalty. No matter the size or quality of the difficulty encountered, we can always count on him as one who can always rise and shine for the occasion.

Franklin Velázquez

Role: Photographer

Franklin is a quiet warrior, a silent hero. In photographic terms, he is the fly on the wall, the unintrusive lens who captures all the details and interactions you didn't know were being captured.

The irony to Franklin being quiet is that he is the busiest and most excited one in the room. His love for the art makes him a wonderful addition to our team.


Role: Photographer

Dixie is the best! A sweetheart, a kind and loving human being. Dixie's candid photos of people are absolutely insane! She has the particular ability to capture emotion when it is least expected. I think her honest love for people translates into honest beauty in her photos of people. That's why Dixie is the best! 

Cedree Wheeler

Role: Editor

Cedree is our mystery man, our secret weapon! Cedree is our video editor. He lives very far away from us, but his presence is heartfelt as a consistent and vital force in our team. Humility, grace and an absolute sea of patience, Cedree embodies the values that hold us together as a team.