Costa Rica Wedding Venues

Costa Rica is little, but don't let it fool you. With an insane amount of micro climates and exuberant geography, there is a wide variety of places and feelings to choose from for your wedding venue. Here are a few areas and venues to consider.

Tamarindo Area

This area is ideal for ​people looking to do some surf​ing​, fish​ing​, div​ing​​​, sailing ​​and also for getting married!​ ​​​A good amount of​ the ​destination ​weddings in ​Costa Rica happen in this area​​​ and we most certainly do recommend it as the first area to start looking​​.​​ It's sunny white sand beaches and great variety of venues make it an attractive ​choice not just to have a wedding, but also a place where all your guests will have fun.​ Check out any of the links below ​to​ start getting ideas​!​

Papagayo Peninsula Area

This area is the driest, windiest part of the country​, which translates into the most amount of clear sunny days. All good qualities for a wedding venue!​​ Papagayo has a variety of luxury and midrange resorts​ that accommodate large to intimate destination weddings.

Malpais/Santa Teresa

What was once a sleepy fishing village, slowly turns into an area where supermodels, movie actors and regular surfers walk its dusty roads looking for gorgeous beaches and adventure. Those looking to get married in this area, absolutely must check the wedding venues below.

Jaco - Herradura Area

Conviniently located just a couple of hours out of San Jose, this popular area generally offers great infrastructure and lots of accommodation choices for all budgets. This is also a very popular area for destination weddings in Costa Rica and with good reason.

Manuel Antonio

When you think of Costa Rica being a destination for experiencing nature at its full force, Manuel Antonio is the place that best illustrates this. Anywhere you go in Manuel Antonio, you will find all kinds of exotic animals. It is simply amazing. This naturally makes it a great place to have a wedding. Check out the links below and see it for your self!