Organized chaos and the power of faith.

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This is how it happened...

I was set to start taking photos of Kim, the bride, at 3:00 pm at a hotel in Tamarindo, where she would finish getting ready that same afternoon. I showed up early and waited.

Fast forward to 4:00 pm, Kim arrived, 1 hour late, still to check in, get into her dress and find a missing bag, that had all her jewelry and important things in it.

It was now 4:30, guests were already seated, Kim was not even in her dress yet and the bag was still missing. A lot of people were scrambling to find solutions. It was chaos at its best. I never once had a bride arrive so late that we would completely miss the sunset for their couples portraits, so I thought for sure, maybe this would be my first time. 

The ring bearer had a sign that read "she is on time for the first time". This was clearly not true, but in the face of all the chaos, I can not for one second ignore the attitude of pure calmness and tranquility Kim had during this entire process. Never once was she stressed into sadness at the possibility of being late and not having sunset photos. She just went on about her business, followed her own rhythm of motion, which I can only translate and describe as faith. Not the faith as shown by religious practices, but as an inner faith we all recognize, when we know that everything will be ok. This was all materialized into full reality when Kim finally walked down the aisle to meet with Kenny, who greeted her with a full smile and with no conditions. Everything happened a little bit late, but the sun yielded just enough majestic sunlight to capture their sunset portraits and it even had plenty left overs for capturing their friends having fun during the cocktail hour...

At the end, Kim, Kenny and all their friends had the most fun I have seen anyone have under any setting and I am yet to miss a sunset portrait session.


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Wedding venue: Langosta Beach Club